Who am I

I am an experienced website developer having worked with many businesses and organisations for several years. I am currently studying at university which prevents me from accepting full time jobs.

I am primarily a frontend and backend website developing using many languages and libraries including: PHP, jQuery, CSS, HTML, Javascript, Node.js, Typescript, Ionic Framework and Angular2. I also have experience with Git software. I am primarily self taught and willing to learn new techniques.

Since 2013, I have been involved the development of the Kardinia Church website. Throughout these years I have used a number of APIs, built a podcasting system, created a customized Content Management System and a range of many other projects.

In November 2014, I began regular contract work for Small Dog Design. I focused primarily in customizing WordPress Plugins and Core files to meet the client’s requirements.

Upon finishing high school, Small Dog hired me as a part-time web developer whilst I am still studying at Uni.

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