Who am I


An experienced website developer having worked with many businesses and organisations for several years. I am currently studying at university which prevents me from accepting full time jobs.

Primarily a frontend and backend website developer using many languages and libraries including: PHP, jQuery, CSS, HTML, Javascript, Node.js, Typescript, Ionic Framework and Angular2. Also have experience with Git software. Largely self taught and willing to learn new techniques.

In 2013, was involved the development of the Kardinia Church website. Throughout those years used a number of APIs, built a podcasting system, created a customized Content Management System and a range of many other projects.

In November 2014, began regular contract work for Small Dog Design. I focused primarily in customizing WordPress plugins and core files to meet the client’s requirements.

Upon finishing high school, was hired by Small Dog as a part-time web developer whilst studying Software Engineering at Deakin University.

Throughout university, have also utilised the following languages: C, C#, Objective C, Python, C++, Swift and Java but haven’t used these in a professional environment as of yet.

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